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"I want to be a fashion designer!" That idea was along with me at the time I was playing Paper Dolls when I was young. I wanted to have a lot of beautiful clothes, but I didn’t have the ability to do it as I was just a child. So I designed the clothes for my Paper Dolls by myself, fancying I would become a fashion designer while I was drawing.
Yet, ‘like it’ does not always mean one will eventually turn out to be professional of it. I had already given up the idea of becoming a fashion designer during my growing-up years. In fact, what appeals to me most is the combinations of different colors with different materials on different clothes.
I appreciate the unalike styles simply by delicate mix and match. That’s it! That’s why I have paid attention to the clothes and outfit of people around me since I was a child, and I like to see the clothes out of my growing years as well. Those clothes in "The Mandycat’s Warbrobe" are actually what I have seen, heard and imagined In my mind throughout the years, and they are also the precious memories of all of us. I tried to bring them alive on paper again for nostalgia of the good old days.
About Mandycat
Mandycat, a popular Hong Kong writer and comic artist.
Pisces, cat lover, cats are her soulmates. She draws and writes different topics, including cats, love, relationships, office life and silly things.

Be a part of Meowplanet - the metaverse you have ever seen! Get your own The Mandycat’s Wardrobe token and unlock the exclusive pass to our community and sharing the atmosphere with us!

“Meowplanet” is a life simulation game combining NFT play-to-earn mechanisum. It is a soothing, social and imaginative experience to all holders, you may hang out with friend with various mix-and-match fashion styles, exploring the metaverse with them and find special treasure on the planet.

What? Heard from our game designer a “Raising Sims” is being a part of Meowplanet too?

What a sneak peak! Can’t wait to see it.

To make every styles special, the final mix-and-match styles are all generated from over 150 hand-drawn items. Over 46B combination outcome and picked 10K to assure the rarity.
4 Backgrounds
32 One Piece
12 Top
14 Bottom
31 Shoes
27 Headwear
9 Eyewear
19 Bags
15 Accessories

For who the lucky one get the Top Rarity rumber at 00227, the Figure will be gifted.

Figure Details:
Height: 6 inch (15.24 cm)
Type: Limited Edition
Deliverable: Exclusive message and artist signing

14 Days
The First place of Top holder will be gifted a tailor-made “The Mandycat’s Wardrobe” Token
30 Days
The 2nd to 4th top holders can be gifted an awarded “The Mandycat’s Wardrobe” book.
70% Sold
Wonder what is it? It is something for the “Raising Sims” game!
100% Sold
Whitepaper and Game design detail will be shared with the community and welcome for any feedbacks, the game features are being defined by all holders!

1. What is a NFT?
"Non-Fungible Token" (NFT) is the technical term for a unique digital token, which is stored on the blockchain and is self-governed by a 'smart contract'.

2. How can I buy a NFT?
A crypto wallet is required while purchase NFT. Metamask is the wallet which is free and can be installed in Chrome Browser extension (https://metamask.io/). For details, you may refer this YouTube tutorial.

3. Who is Mandycat?
Mandycat, a popular Hong Kong writer and comic artist, more detail can be found on https://mandycat.com/about/

4. Is Mandycat has further products?
Yes, with over 10 years involvement Mandycat has its wider series on various products, check this out in https://mandycat.com/shop/

5. How to get a Mandycat's Wardrobe NFT?
Once your crypto wallet is ready, you may back to this page and click the "Mint" button. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet. The NFT will then deliver to your wallet and be appeared on Opensea.io for secondary trading.

6. What can I do with Mandycat's Wardrobe NFT?
Mandycat's Wardrobe NFT is a token and a pass to enter Meowplanet. Inside Meowplanet you will have several gaming experience to be enjoyed

7. What is the game and how do I play with it?
Mandycat needs you to choose her Outfit of the Day! She is going to have lots of dates, travels and meetings so she really wants to prepare properly. At first she won’t have a lot of clothes, but don't be alarmed! You can play mini games and improve her wardrobe. Have fun!

8. What is the cost of Mandycat's Wardrobe NFT?
0.02 ETH is the preset price per token.

9. What can I do if I won the Top Holders rewards?
No worry, once you have it in your wallet and qualified for the reward, you are able to access the secret form in our website. Which open only for you to enter your details and shipping address, then we will send DHL to you.

10. What can I do if I won the tailor-made token?
You will have an access to our website with secret form to fill in your favourite style item, you can enter your own styles according to our traits group, and sure you are welcome to provide photo so we can draw it for you.



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